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Discounting Positives

You insist your positive qualities don’t count.


Bob got the highest mark for his exam, but in order to keep his negative outlook, he explained the mark as pure luck, having nothing to do with his knowledge and skills.


This is often an automatic mind pattern when a person blindly criticizes him or herself without taking into account the positive side of things.

It is similar to the Mental Filter thinking error but has a subtle difference. With the Mental Filter, a person is not aware of the positives. In the case of the Discounting Positives, a person sees the positives but actively rejects or devalues them.

Most often it is a general thinking habit. It's an automatic mind pattern that influences all aspects of a person's life.

It can come from a subconscious negative self-image. To continue identifying with it (and staying in the comfort zone), a person doesn't even consider the possibility of finding positives.

When the Discounting Positives cognitive distortion is attached to our self-image, it significantly limits us in our careers and personal lives.

How to fix it

You can fix your thinking bugs with the help of the CBT app - a digital version of the classical Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practice.

Record your thought in the CBT app. Then identify the Discounting Positives bug. Finally, challenge the distorted thought and rewrite it in a rational way.